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Life on the Assateague Berm and Bay-Side Salt Marsh

One of the most interesting activities on Assateague is to find and observe creatures that have made the sand of the beach and the mud and sand of the Assateague salt marshes their home. The Assateague beach is easily accessible via the main road on the refuge (map), and Toms Cove on the southern end of Assateague is a good place to explore salt-marsh life (parking for both is available near the Toms Cove visitor center).

(Please note that pets
are not allowed
on the Chincoteague Refuge
- not even in vehicles)

Life on the Berm (Beach)

(photo) 1
Bean Clams
Mole Crabs
(photo) 3
Ghost Crabs

Life in the Bay-Side Salt Marsh

Mud Fiddler Crabs
Atlantic Ribbed Mussels
Mud Snails

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